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Sometimes, having extra money can really help with your financial needs. Broadway Financial wants to help you! With our easy application process, you can get your money as soon as today.* We provide flexible repayment periods based on your income with flexible amounts that allow us to create a loan best fit for each individual.

Borrow Up To $2,500

With our installment loans, we allow you to repay your loan over a set time period with a fixed number of payments. Broadway offers personal loans that meet your needs to quickly apply for funds for life’s unexpected expenses because we know that life can happen. We offer loan amounts up to $2,500.**

Why Are Loans Beneficial?

Installment loans can help you create a budget and gain better control of your finances due to their loan's predictable payment amounts and payment schedule. This predictability could make it easier to handle your money by allowing you to plan for your expected loan payment each month. A Broadway loan may also immediately help you avoid missing any payments due for other bills.

We are one of the most secure and trusted loan places in the Chicago, IL land area. Our specialists are friendly, knowledgeable, and available to help you.

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I went into this location unprepared, stressed and pressed for time. I was promptly greeted by Sharyl. She was very professional. Not only did she assisted me but by the time I left, I was feeling a whole lot better. 


Theresa, Kahla and Evita went above and beyond. Broadway Financial has the lowest interest rates. I was paying 330% at another loan place, its so low I cannot believe it. Thank you ladies

Mike is an excellent representative. He's very friendly, personable, and answered all my questions. Made me feel welcomed. Highly recommend this store...