Buying a new fall wardrobe on a budget


Fall is all for sweaters, boots, scarfs, cozy hats and so much more. Everyone’s favorite season is upon us. Halloween is next, then Thanksgiving, and next is Christmas. With this weather change and time of cheer, dressing the part is so important. Nothing like a great sweater or outfit to match with the family and the season. But no one wants to pay for overly priced clothing or an Old Navy sweater that’s $30 to $40. Here are tips on how to shop or fall clothing while being on a budget.



Most of the time the clearance section will provide you will great items that will work just fine for your new wardrobe. You don’t always have to pay wholesale for an item that can easily be duped from the clearance rack. The same thing you pay for at one store can be half priced at another store. Creating a mindset where the generic, alternative, or inexpensive item is better will allow you to save more and value your dollar and how you spend it. $20 at Target can make a world of a difference in the clearance aisle. Take advance of the great items for less.


Reevaluate how you are spending your money to buy items you will wear. It’s such a great feeling when you know that you found an awesome peace for a fraction of the cost. Visit your neighborhood Goodwill for amazing and unique items that you won’t find anywhere else. Goodwill, Salvation Army, and other great thrift stores are committed to serving the community with prices that economically align with their customers income. These stores were strategically designed for the budgeting consumer. The items are ends second hand clothing that you can get for the smallest amount. Also, look out for sales and discounted days that can take you total price even lower.


Beginning to DIY your clothes. This new trend has allowed people to make something out of nothing. A great life hack strategy that was created to save a big buck. You can even turn a shirt into a skirt without even sewing, cutting, or gluing. There are thousands of great tutorials on YouTube on how to revamp your style and create a piece that is fashionable and innovated. Another option you could do is to consider searching fashion inspirations on Google or on Pinterest. Millions of images are right at your fingertips for finding out how to style on a budget or reuse those old boots under the bed.


Mixing and matching your old wardrobe with a few new statement pieces can create an entirely fresh look for you. Taking your favorite pair of jeans and mixing them with a brand-new top or jacket can make for a new outfit. No need to buy a new bottom or new top when older ones work perfectly fine. Try to switch in between your new and old items to create an endless amount of options for your wardrobe. Sometimes just changing or adding one piece can make a huge impact on your fashion.

Bringing in a new season is always fun. It allows us to bring in the new and the old. Make this fall a fashionable but reasonable season for you by changing how you buy and wear your clothes. Your wallet and wardrobe will thank you.