How to Save Money | Easy & Helpful Tips

Here are some tips that are “Little Steps” that end up being “Big Steps” in your financial journey. Start small and think big!

  • Daily Money-Saving Tips

    • Cancel unused memberships

      • I.e. Magazines, gym, streaming/TV channels, music, food and lifestyle memberships and prioritize the subscriptions that you use on a weekly or daily basis. Remember, you can always renew the membership at a later date if it turns out that you actually do miss it.

    • Master the 10-second rule. 

      • Whenever you find yourself shopping online or in the store, stop for 10 seconds and question why you’re buying it and whether you actually need it or not. If you can’t find a purpose for the item, simply put it back. This keeps many from making impulse buys.

    • Create a budget and stick to it, here are some helpful tips

      • Creating a list before you go to the grocery store is important because it can help you buy items that fit your meal plan and help avoid buying food you might waste.

        • This cuts down on eating out cost by taking time to create a list, meal prep and save money!

    • Do a price comparison - does the store down the street have cheaper groceries or does the gas station a mile away have cheaper gas? While not saving money right away, it slowly adds up over time. Maybe it’s time to look at other insurance companies for your auto insurance or maybe it’s time to look at refinancing a mortgage if interest rates have gone down.
    • Get discounts on entertainment

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