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May 2020

Chicago Job Opportunities During COVID-19

As unemployment soars across the country, many are left without a job opportunity. With COVID-19, there are so many unknown aspects of our future job market. Because of this, we compiled a list of resources of places that are hiring as the job market continues to change amid the increased demand for workers within necessary businesses. 

For an opportunity to apply to these positions, click the links provided below and apply to a location near you to follow up with the local representatives...

5 Facts About Corona Virus Within Chicago

Coronavirus is a family of viruses, which can cause the common cold or more severe diseases such as SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome), and the new coronavirus disease that first appeared in late 2019 in Wuhan, China, called COVID-19.

  1. Diseases can make anyone sick regardless of their race or ethnicity. Help stop fear by letting people know that being of Asian descent does not increase the chance of getting or spreading CoronaVirus.

  2. You can help stop the spread of CoronaVirus by knowing the signs and symptoms: 

    • Fever

    • Cough

    • Shortness of Breath

      • Seek medical advice if you 

        • Develop symptoms 

        • Have been in close contact with a person known to have CoronaVirus or if you live in or have recently been in an area with ongoing spread of CoronaVirus...

The Difference Between Single Payment Loans and Installment Loans

When you live paycheck to paycheck, your finances may be unprepared for anything beyond your regular responsibilities. But we all know that life happens and unexpected expenses come up because it’s an inevitable part of life. If something like a broken furnace and a parking fine come your way, you need to cover — regardless of what’s in your bank account. In these situations, many people look for ways to get money fast, secure and in a discreet way beyond letting their family and friends know they are in this situation...

6 Easy Ways To Create Side Income To Help You Earn More Money

Do you feel like you don’t have any extra money to put towards your emergency fund or savings? There are a million ways to make some extra money on the side, these are just a couple of ideas that you can use to help start a side hustle. 

On average, Americans spend five hours a day watching TV and think about the number of hours on your phone...

What Is An Installment Loan? What To Consider When You Need One.

An installment loan is money you borrow and pay back with fixed payments — or installments — over a period of time. It differs from a credit card that lets you borrow money whenever you make a purchase. Many installment loans have a fixed payment amount meaning the amount that you owe doesn’t change over the life of the loan. When the loan is completely paid off, you owe nothing. There are no hidden fees and is affordable for customers. 

An installment loan is a loan that combines the principal loan amount with an interest rate. The total of the principal and interest is then scheduled to be paid back in equal amounts over a set time frame...