What Personal Loans Are Used For and Why They Can Help

How do personal loans actually work? 

Personal loans are a type of installment loan, which means you borrow a fixed amount of money, that you prequalify for, and pay it back with interest. Payback methods vary in length but typically ranges from 6 months to 2 years. Often times people may want to refinance their loan if they are having trouble keeping up with their loans. Refinancing is available if necessary and our customer service representatives can help you with refinancing if you’d like to refinance or consolidate your debt. 

What are some of the common reasons people take out personal loans? There are a variety of reasons why people take out loans, some examples are moving expenses, vehicle expenses, bills or other general unexpected expenses...

Why Our Loans Arenít Based on Credit But On Your Income

Don’t have a credit history established, or have a low or bad credit?

It can be challenging to find lenders that will approve you if you have a

thin credit file or poor credit, but it’s not impossible.


It’s worth noting low scores don’t always represent how responsible you

are with credit. A low score could just be a result of a short credit

history. If you have a clean history (no late payments, low credit

utilization, etc.), you’ll have an easier time obtaining a loan over someone

who has had delinquencies on their record, but might have a higher score...

How To Create a Budget and How It Can Help!

Creating a budget can help you feel more in control of your finances and let you save money for your goals. The trick is to figure out a way to track your finances that work for you. Everyone is different, with different income levels and expenses: so make decisions that you feel comfortable with.

  • Determine Your Net Income 

    • Record all of your sources of income

  • Calculate and Track Your Spending 

    • Gather every financial statement you can

    • Create a list of monthly expenses and find out your percentages breakdown in the following categories...